SnoWest Magazine Back Issue October 2013

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    SnoWest Magazine
    October 2013
    Volume 40, Number 5


    18 Class Act
    The mountain 800s are the heart of the industry in the West and have become real mountain mashers in the past few years. We dissect them a couple of times a season just to see what they're made of. Here's what we think so far. By Steve Janes

    26 No Bones About It
    This 1,000-square-mile-plus riding area often gets overlooked by sledders. That's okay, especially for those who regularly snowmobile here and would just as soon keep it all to themselves. By Steve Janes

    32 Getting The Most Out Of Your Used Sled
    So you went the used snowmobile route and want to make sure you get the most out of your purchase-and also make sure you're not left stranded in the backcountry with a broken down machine. Here are some tips on how to avoid that. By Tyrell Marchant

    36 SnoWest Clothing Showcase
    Last issue it was helmets. Not it's time to show off some new jackets and bibs. There is some sweet snowmobile gear right here.

    42 Intermountain Snowmobile Show Is Just Weeks Away
    Fall is a sure sign of three things: leaves changing colors, hunting season and snowmobile shows. The first SnoWest snow show is right around the corner.

    46 In Depth: Stock Running Boards
    We take a look at one area of a snowmobile that doesn't get a lot of attention . that is, until they load up with snow and become a little slippery.



     8 Runnin' On Empty By Lane Lindstrom
    10 Letters To The Editor
    12 Fronts & Forecasts
    14 Gear Box
    50 Product Review: Evolution Powersports V-Map
          Product Review: Ski-Doo Summit Storage Bag
    38 Advertiser Index
    54 Snow Dust


    Cat's M 8000 Sno Pro doesn't take a back seat to any mountain sled. Photo by Ryan Harris

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